Would you like your children to spend more time reading? running? studying? talking to people?

Do you want to block inappropriate websites, including dating and gambling pop-ups?
Toddler with laptop
Family Friendly Net sets up essential parental controls on your home network and computers.

  • Web content filtering for all computers and internet-connected devices in the home.1
  • Computer usage time limits for each child.2
  • Advice on Apple and Android products used away from home.

Email FamilyFriendlyNet(at)gmail.com to arrange an appointment.

Family Friendly Net provides excellent customer service. If however you are a DIY person … with a bit of time and patience you can set things up yourself. Read about our recommended systems on the Why page.

1. System used by 1 in 3 schools in the US. Block entire categories of content, and/or block the individual websites that you know are problematic or unsafe for your family. Phishing websites that aim to trick you into handing over personal or financial information are caught and immediately blocked. Change the settings any time, from home or work.
2. Parental control software is required for Windows XP at a cost of $30 USD, payable after 30 day trial. No software required for Windows 7/8 and newer Mac’s.
3. The following information is helpful when you contact us:

  • Your modem model. eg. Netgear DGND3300
  • Type of internet connection. eg. iiNet ADSL, Bigpond cable
  • Operating system(s) eg. Windows XP, Windows 7, Mac OS
  • Preferred days and times for an appointment. Options are week nights and weekends.
  • Contact name and phone number

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